Press Release

MIAMI, FL, July 4, 2017 – The FDF Project is a multimedia news and entertainment platform established to identify and develop creative talent. The platform goes live on July 4th. The 4th marks the celebration of the American experiment, so its only right that it also serves as the birth date for a platform designed to help facilitate the upward mobility of young strivers and creators.

Our initial crop of young creators are surviving in neighborhoods plagued by gun violence that goes virtually ignored by THE media. Despite these difficulties, the artists of the FDF roster are using their skill and craft to create their own unique route out of poverty and struggle.

In addition to serving as a platform for creators, FDF also engages in building business men and women that are committed to investing in communities with minimal to no resources. We aim to help our FDF family boss up and spread the wealth by unifying our collective resources and knowledge so that all can achieve the American dream by matching their hunger for success with the fundamental tools needed to get there.

Join The FDf Project as we begin this grand experiment.