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The Parkland #NeverAgain Episode – Felony Miami 001

On Valentines Day 2018, one of the world’s deadliest school shootings took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen students and teachers […]

Water Cooler Talk: January 22

FDF Launch Party at Wynwood Garden in Photos

Original article: http://www.henrystonemusic.com/fdf-launch-party-at-wynwood-garden-in-photos/   The Freedom Democracy Family Project is happy to announce that its launch party the weekend of the Revolt Music Conference was a great success. The […]

The Myth of America

  241 years into the great experiment called America, in many ways the land of capitalism continues to sell its people a bill of goods. By Christopher […]

Purpose for the Protest Lost in Translation

By Chris Mattox: CMattox@fdfproject.com Sunday’s “protests” at NFL games were just aight. Like when you get that red velvet cake that looks oh so delectable only to […]