The FDF Project (Freedom x Democracy x Family) is designed to identify young creators, strivers, and hustlers from OUR UNDERSERVED AND UNHEARD COMMUNITIES and provide a digital space to help get their voices heard and, nearly as important, their products to market.

The project also advocates for policies that benefit our communities and against policies that isolate and marginalize us. Currently, gun violence is tormenting neighborhoods like Overtown and Liberty City. We are in these communities to help show that there is a better way to get money; that despite their circumstances, they can still climb; and that their creative thinking and brain power is the most powerful weapon they have.

The young strivers we are working with are coming from a place where death is a daily occurrence, where struggle is standard, and opportunities are few and far between. But now, in the fullness of time, we have the ability to facilitate their endeavors and help bring the hoods of South Florida to the mainstream and the talented creators of culture and cool into the Middle Class.


We support South Florida's WPLG-TV Local 10 initiative, My Future My Choice. This is a multi-faceted, multi-year station initiative to address youth gun violence and help pave a path to solutions and success.
The goal of the initiative is to help spread the message to young people. They can choose their future and achieve their goals. It began with an Emmy-award winning town hall meeting in April, along with editorials, public service announcements and weekly news stories. They also held a Youth Summit in September, which offered parents
who have lost children to gun violence an opportunity to be heard as well as centered on topics that are relevant to urban youth. In June 2017, Local 10 hosted its third town hall meeting at Miami Norland Senior High School with members of the cast of Moonlight and Sybrina Fulton, mother of the late Trayvon Martin, featured as guest panelists.