The American Dream isn't as accessible to everyone as the mythology would make it seem. That fact is the reason why the FDF Project exist. We are a multimedia platform for creators, strivers and dreamers. We seek out voices that need amplifiers, art that needs patrons, and issues that need champions. We mentor. We teach. We nurture. We create and we capitalize. Our goal is to help the creators we work with maximize their potential and assist their pursuit of the American Dream. Everyone should be able to take their skills and talents into the marketplace, but far too often those doors are closed to the unconnected. FDF consists of professionals and specialists from all walks of life and backgrounds. The FDF Project is the bridge between the creative and the public. Join us.
Making A Change The FDF Project is designed to identify young creators, strivers, and hustlers from OUR UNDERSERVED AND UNHEARD COMMUNITIES and provide a digital space to help get their voices heard and, nearly as important, their products to market. The project also advocates for policies that benefit our communities and against policies that isolate and marginalize us. Currently, gun violence is tormenting neighborhoods like Overtown and Liberty City. We are in these communities to help show that there is a better way to get money; that despite their circumstances, they can still climb; and that their creative thinking and brain power is the most powerful weapon they have. The young strivers we are working with are coming from a place where death is a daily occurrence, where struggle is standard, and opportunities are few and far between. But now, in the fullness of time, we have the ability to facilitate their endeavors and help bring the hoods of South Florida to the mainstream and the talented creators of culture and cool into the Middle Class.